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  • Things AI Can’t Replace

    The more I learn about AI, the more it seems that everything can at some point be replaced by AI (and robots). But then there are things that (maybe) can’t. Humans will always appreciate human craftmanship. At least that’s what I believe. (Although maybe, who knows, at some point AI will be able to match…

  • Free online image editor (basic Photoshop alternative) is a simple free online image editor that has some basic functionality resembling Photoshop and doesn’t require registering with an account. Neat for some quick and simple edits.

  • Free Vector Icons has a great collection of free vector icons you can use. Some of the contributors I really like: Olena Panasovska is one of the contributors who I like: There are some nice patterns like these: As well as some nice icons related to the golden ratio:

  • DeepFake Videos Going Mainstream (Everyone Can Create Them Now)

    This is happening faster than most of us anticipated: This is the deep fake technology that is availible right now. FREE. We should have open and honest conversations about it. Pretending its going to be some niche thing and hard to access is a huge mistake. 2 months i'm guessing, Millions will have access.…

  • Douglas Adams On Technological Progress

    Douglas Adams wrote a famous essay back in 1999 called: How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet. Since this is a time of drastic technological change, it’s worth recalling “the way these things work” according to Adams:

  • Spin Up Red Cells: What It Means

    To best understand what “spinning up red cells” means, let’s use an example: Changing the way a large bureaucracy works is almost impossible. What you can do however is spin up red cells. In this context, “to spin up red cells” refers to creating independent groups or teams (red cells) within the organization. These groups…

  • Curated Documentaries

    There are A LOT of documentaries out there, but not many are great. Here’s a site that has curated some topnotch documentaries:

  • Adobe Firefly AI Image Gen? Not Impressed

    Tested Adobe Firefly image generation… and I’m not impressed at all. Pictures come out weird (and not good weird. Just awkward AI weird.)

  • Create Diagrams With ChatGPT + Kroki

    Kroki has a ChatGPT plugin which makes it super easy to create diagrams from any text within ChatGPT. Here are some of the types of visuals that are possible: Been playing around with this recently—it’s very cool.

  • Change These Chrome Settings If You Don’t Want To Be

    Chrome rolled out some new very aggressive ad tracking features in their latest in stall. Here’s how Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator, phrased it: And that’s basically all you need to know. Go to chrome://settings/adPrivacy and turn off the toggles on each of the three subpages. A bit more background: While Google is promoting…