Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to batch convert PNG images to JPG on a Mac using the built-in Preview app:

  1. Open Preview:
    • Navigate to your Applications folder and open the Preview app.
  2. Import PNG Images:
    • Go to File in the top menu bar.
    • Select Open.
    • Navigate to the folder containing the PNG images you want to convert.
    • Select all the PNG images you want to convert. You can do this by holding down the Command key and clicking on each image or by pressing Command + A to select all images in the folder.
    • Click Open.
  3. Select All Imported Images:
    • Once the images are opened in Preview, you’ll see thumbnails of each image in the left sidebar.
    • Click on one image thumbnail, then press Command + A to select all the images.
  4. Export as JPG:
    • With all images selected, go to File in the top menu bar.
    • Choose Export Selected Images....
    • In the pop-up window, click on Options (if it’s not already expanded).
    • From the Format dropdown menu, select JPEG.
    • Adjust the quality slider if needed. Moving the slider to the right will increase the quality (and file size) of the JPG, while moving it to the left will decrease the quality (and file size).
    • Choose a destination folder for the converted JPG images.
    • Click Choose.
  5. Conversion Process:
    • Preview will now batch convert all the selected PNG images to JPG format. Depending on the number of images and their sizes, this might take a few moments.
  6. Verify the Conversion:
    • Navigate to the destination folder you chose in step 4.
    • Confirm that the JPG versions of your PNG images are present.

That’s it! You’ve successfully batch converted PNG images to JPG on your Mac using the Preview app.






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