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I was looking for some good text-to-speech tools with naturally sounding voices for producing videos and audios.

Here’s what I came up with. (This is still a work in progress and will frequently be updated.)


ElevenLabs is one of the best generative AI voice tools in terms of quality. (Check out their voice library). This is also reflected in their pricing:

  • $0 – their free plan allows for 10,000 characters a month, with no commercial license. That’s about 10 minutes of audio.
  • $5 – about 30 minutes of audio (30,000 characters)
  • $22 monthly for 2h of generated audio (100,000 characters)
  • $99 ~10 hours of audio (500,000 characters)
  • $399 ~40h of audio (2,000,000 characters)


WellSaidLabs has great quality voices. Again, give their free 1 week trial a try, and you can try all their voice avatars. Should you go with them, they’re definitely a bit pricey though: Starting at $49/month.

Resemble AI

Resemble AI is another high-quality text-to-speech tool (that also does a lot of other things).


Speechify many things, including reading text for you in browsers and other apps. It can also create voiceovers (text-to-speech which you can save as MP3, Wave,

They only have an annual plan, which breaks down to around $12/month.


If you want AI to rap for you, it doesn’t get better than Uberduck. However, for narration or other voiceovers, the quality of the voices without background music isn’t as good.

Definitely fun to play around with, and at $9.99 for around 1h of generated audio, with commercial license, this is a good deal.


PlayHT aims to create ultrarealistic Text to Speech (TTS) using their AI Voice Generator. Their voice AI instantly converts text in to natural sounding humanlike voice performances across any language and accent.

Definitely some unique voices full of character in here, and they offer a free plan with up to 2500 words. Give it a try!


Revoicer comes with a one-time payment and offers emotion-based AI text-to-speech. No free trial, but you can listen to the voices on their website. And they offer a 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their tool. They use emotional voices, which is both good and bad. If you want to create long-form audio, I think their voices can get a bit annoying. For shorter things (like 2 minute clips) this is great though. Their “normal” mode is pretty good though.

For $67 you get lifetime access to their voice library which includes 100+ voices in 40+ languages, and 600,000 characters of usage a month, including a commercial license. Pretty good deal if you like the voices!


Voiser is another affordable tool.

You can try it for free (3500 characters / month). The cheapest paid plan starts at $15 (30,000 characters), and the most expensive one is $162 for (1,000,000 characters).


Speechelo is a pretty standard AI text-to-voice solution. I find the voices a bit bland and dull, and mechanic. Just check out their demo video on their homepage.

However, a one-time payment of $27 definitely puts this in the most affordable category.

Supports 23+ languages.

Got another tool that should absolutely be on this list? Let me know in the comments 🙂






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