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  • Dall-E 3 vs Midjourney 5.2 Comparison: Same Prompts, Different Images

    OpenAI just announced they’ll soon roll out a new version of Dall-E. Apart from overall image output improvements, we’ll also be able to generate text, and have ChatGPT-style prompting features which will make it easier to generate to right outputs. I put the same prompts that they used for Dall-E 3 images and ran them…

  • Midjourney Aspect Ratios

    By default Midjourney images are square (aspect ratio: 1:1). But you can modify the aspect ratio with the –ar parameter. Let’s say you want a 16:9 image (like a YouTube video), then you’d just append this to your Midjourney prompt: Common aspect ratios:

  • How to Use Face Swap in Midjourney

    AI face swapping has seen a significant upgrade with the introduction of Midjourney. If you’re unfamiliar with Midjourney, it stands out as one of the most potent AI text-to-image generators available. Now, it offers the capability to perform face swaps. This article will guide you through the process step by step. Step 1: Setting Up…