How to Use Face Swap in Midjourney

AI face swapping has seen a significant upgrade with the introduction of Midjourney. If you’re unfamiliar with Midjourney, it stands out as one of the most potent AI text-to-image generators available. Now, it offers the capability to perform face swaps. This article will guide you through the process step by step.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Midjourney Account

Before you can use the face swap feature, ensure you have a Midjourney account and have joined Midjourney on Discord. If you’re a beginner or unsure about this step, there are tutorials available that guide you through the Midjourney setup process on Discord.

Step 2: Create Your Server on Discord

Navigate to the left side of Discord and look for the plus sign, which allows you to add a server. Click on it, then select the option to create your server. Name it as you wish; this server is primarily for your use, but you can invite others if desired.

Step 3: Invite the Midjourney Bot

Once your server is set up, the next step is to invite the Midjourney bot to it. You can find the bot in the Midjourney server or in your direct messages. Add it to your server.

Step 4: Invite the FaceSwap Bot

In addition to the Midjourney bot, you’ll also need the InsightFaceSwap bot. Links to invite this bot are available in the video description. Once invited, you should see yourself, the Midjourney bot, and the FaceSwap bot in your server.

Step 5: Save Your ID

Type /saveid in the prompt box. You’ll be asked to drop an original image here. This image will be the base for the face swap. After uploading, name your image.

Step 6: Create an Image for Face Swap

Using the Midjourney bot, generate an image that you’ll use for the face swap. Type /imagine followed by your desired prompt. For instance, you can use prompts like “cyberpunk, male, close-up portrait, looking at camera, ultra-realistic, 4k” to get specific results.

Step 7: Perform the Face Swap

Once your images are ready, right-click on the generated image and select the option for apps. Choose the “in swapper” option. In a few moments, your face-swapped image will be generated. You can then view, save, or share this image as you see fit.

In conclusion, Midjourney offers a seamless and efficient way to perform face swaps using AI. With the integration of Discord and the availability of specific bots, the process becomes even more streamlined. Whether for fun or professional use, Midjourney’s face swap feature is a game-changer in the realm of AI image generation.

Note: The blog post is based on the video tutorial provided and has been structured for clarity and ease of understanding.






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