A trellis of wisteria, a sight to behold 
It stands in the garden, its beauty ever so bold 
Vines of deep purple, its leaves of soft green 
It stands in the sunlight, a beauty to be seen 

It's sweet aroma fills the air 
A reminder of beauty and peace to fare 
The delicate blooms of its lovely hue 
A reminder of beauty, so true and so true 

The trellis of wisteria, a sight for all to see 
It's beauty unmatched, a sight for all to be 
It stands in the sun, and soaks up its rays 
A reminder of beauty, a beauty that stays

A trellis is a framework of light wooden or metal bars, chiefly used as a support for fruit trees or climbing plants.

And here’s a painting of a trellis of wisteria.

I don’t have the right words, nor the right skills to fully capture the beauty of this, but I wanted to create a little homage to it, and this is the best I can do for now.






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