Let us consider the wondrous nature of light upon our earthly plane. Forsooth, its radiance emanates from the great star above, the sun, and doth reveal much to us about the conditions of our world. Verily, the presence of light may offer a clue to the temperature, the hour of the day, or even the depth of the waters.

As light doth shine upon objects, it doth disclose much to us – friends or foes, companions or shelter. And as it travels in a direct path, it may be obstructed by solid barriers, such that shadows and silhouettes are formed, providing distinct and revealing features.

Moreover, light traverses the vast distances of our Earth with incredible speed, and thus offers a swift and far-reaching means of communication. Indeed, the sense of sight is replete with much diversity, as light presents a wealth of information in myriad ways. And so, do animals of every kind perceive this marvel for their own distinct purposes.






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